Our main aim is to put the cyclist in an optimal position on the bicycle (racing bike or mountain bike). To us the optimal position is the position in which the cyclist has the best performance because the action of sport is not disturbed and limited by particular physiological conditions like for example body asymmetrics and inner tensions. Therefore our aim is to eliminate or counterbalance these particular conditions in order that one has the maximum performance on the bicycle.

Who am I

About 17 years ago I came into contact with the world of two wheels, impassioned by bicycles. Having had some bad experiences in competitions on the saddle (positioning on the bicycle), I became interested in the ergonomia and in the biomechanics and finally coming into contact with the methods of Ergomotion.

The results obtained from this system spurred me to transmit this experience to other cyclists. In 2001 I opened a study dedicated to this type of measurement, personalized with the purpose to favour the correct position on the bicycle of professionals and amateurs.